About Us

Our Core Values & Mission

Hago Energetics is driven by a deeply rooted commitment to creating sustainable solutions to the climate crisis.  Founded in 2017 the company continues working towards developing and implementing technology to covert biowaste products into needed products, such as biochar and green hydrogen.  Our company has steadily worked on the creation of solutions for farms, wastewater treatment plants, and other sectors looking to lower their carbon footprint. We also continue expanding our team and partnerships so that together we can be part of worldwide decarbonization.  

Create Impactful Products

We strive for sustainable and responsible ecological impacts with our technology. Our aim is to produce products that have that most impact towards saving the planet.

Cause No Unnecessary Harm

We seek to do the maximum good with the least harm.

Use Business to Protect Nature

Our business is to create solutions that help restore the stability of the climate.
We promote the integrity and beauty of the web of life.

Use Business to Uplift People and Enhance Their Quality of Life

Our business recognizes that solutions to climate change are also issues of social justice. We use an intersectional lens so that we can advocate for marginalized people and the most vulnerable communities affected by climate change.

Trust Native & Indigenous Voices

We look to learn from and work with the people who inhabit and know the land and its natural resources.


We believe in transparency and accountability by our leadership. We believe profits are important, but not more important than people and the planet. We believe in aligning with public policies and businesses that are congruent with our mission. We also believe in giving back to the local and global community.


We believe everyone has a place at the table sharing their voice from their unique experiences and perspectives. We are proud and committed champions of people whose voices have been traditionally silenced including the LGBTQIA+ communities, gender diverse identities, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color), people with disabilities, women, refugees and immigrants, among others.

Raise Awareness

We believe in collecting qualitative, quantitative and anecdotal data from around the world concerning people, groups, and companies working towards sustainable solutions solving climate change issues, as well as from the people who are most impacted by climate change.

The Team

Wilson Hago


Cynthia Saenz

VP of Strategy

Thor Baiely

Biomass Logistics Manager

Randy Hartfield

VP of Operations

Tunde Giwa

Operations Manager

Victoria Gastelum

Graphic Design + Executive Assistant