NASA Awards $750,000 in Competition to Convert Carbon Dioxide into Sugar

Thousand Oaks, CA – Hago Energetics Inc., a startup company focused on tackling climate change through various avenues, announced today it has been declared one of 3 winners in the $1M NASA CO2 Conversion Challenge. This Challenge is a competition to convert carbon dioxide into sugars as a step to creating mission-critical resources on Mars. Such technologies would allow future inhabitants of Mars to manufacture products using local, indigenous resources on Mars by using atmospheric carbon dioxide and water as resources. Hago Energetics was selected among a large group of entrants in this contest and successfully demonstrated the Challenge requirements. The CO2 Conversion Challenge Award Ceremony was live streamed on NASA Channels earlier today.

“It is an exciting outcome for us. Winning this Challenge represents validation of our abilities to execute on carbon conversion”, declared Wilson Hago, PhD, Founder and CEO of Hago Energetics, Inc. The company will be using part of the proceeds to build prototypes of novel carbon capture approaches to decrease greenhouse gas emissions on Earth.

“Climate change is the biggest problem facing mankind”, continued Dr. Hago, “and we will continue to address this problem using technologies demonstrated in this Challenge”. The CO2 Conversion Challenge is part of the Prizes and Challenges Program within NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate. This Program offers incentive prizes to generate revolutionary research and technology solutions to problems of interest to NASA and the nation. The Centennial Challenges Program is managed by NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

About Hago Energetics

Hago Energetics, Inc., located in Thousand Oaks, California, is developing technologies to mitigate and reverse climate change using renewable energy. The Company is a current participant in the $100M Prize for Carbon Removal. The Company is seeking investments, partnerships, or sponsorships that will help advance its mission.

About NASA CO2 Conversion Challenge

NASA’s CO2 Conversion Challenge, a Centennial Challenges competition, seeks to incentivize the public to develop non-biological systems that can convert CO2 into useful sugar molecules, like glucose. Sugars are the preferred feedstock for the types of microorganisms commonly used in commercial biomanufacturing systems. While sugars are usually derived from certain plants on Earth (ex., sugarcane), this approach is not easily adapted to space missions because of the size of these systems and resources needed to grow these plants. More information about this Challenge can be found at:

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